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eScan Version 14 Online Help


eScan Cloud Security

eScan Cloud Security is a software developed for centrally managing the eScan applications through cloud-based console. The enterprises can manage a comprehensive set of security capabilities and secure endpoints connected to the network, at multiple locations, from one single management console.

The eccentric architecture of eScan Cloud Security allows the solution to scale with ease and secure any number of endpoints.

Note: To make use of eScan Cloud Security, you will need a system that is connected to the Internet and has a supported browser installed.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Security Policy Deployment from Cloud based management Console
  • Report Templates
  • Report Scheduler
  • Centralized Event Management
  • Asset Management
  • User Activity Monitoring ( File Activity, Print Activity, Session activity)
  • Deployment of Outbreak Prevention Policy
  • Role based Administration
  • Centralized License Management

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