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-*9.0.824.205 (Current Version) Size=69.1MB+{| class="wikitable" border="0"
-*{| id="mp-topbanner" style="width:100%; background:#fcfcfc; margin-top:1.2em; border:1px solid #ccc;"
-*| style="width:10%; color:#000;" |
-*{| style="width:100px; border:none; background:none;"
 +| [[Image:escan-g.jpg]]
 +|style="text-align:left;"|'''·''' [[Escan/english/FAQ-eScan|<font size=1.5 color="blue" align="left">eScan</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;'''·''' [[Escan/english/MailScan-AFT|<font size=1.5 color="blue">MailScan</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;'''·''' [[Escan/english/Technologies|<font size=1.5 color="blue">Technologies</font>]]
 +|style="text-align:right;"|&nbsp;&nbsp;'''·''' [[Technical Info|<font size=1.5 color="blue">Technical Info</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;'''·''' [[Escan/english/Security_Awareness|<font size=1.5 color="blue">Security Awareness</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;'''·''' [[User_Guides|<font size=1.5 color="blue">User Guides</font>]]
-*9.0.779.1 (Current Version) Size=66.2MB+{| class="wikitable" border="0"
 +<h2 id="mp-tfp-h2" style="margin:0; background:#CFE4B1; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:10 solid #afa3bf; text-align:left; color:#000; padding:0.2em 0.4em">Download eScan for Mailscan</h2>
 +'''9.0.824.205 (Current Version) Size=69.1MB'''
 +<!--*9.0.779.1 Size=66.2MB-->
-Return to [[EScan Corporate for Mailscan]]+'''Return to [[EScan Corporate for Mailscan]]'''

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Download eScan for Mailscan

9.0.824.205 (Current Version) Size=69.1MB

Return to EScan Corporate for Mailscan

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