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Command Line Parameters for MWAV Toolkit

NOTE: MWAV Toolkit can be executed with the following paremeters from the command prompt. The below parameters can be used while deploying MWAV from eScan Management Console as well as directly executing on any individual system (with or without eScan installed on the system).

/MEM = Scan Memory

/REG = Scan Registry

/STARTUP = Scan Startup Folders

/SysFolder = Scan System Folders

/Folder=[FolderName] = Scan FolderName

/SubFolders = Include Sub-Folder Scanning

/Drive = Scan local Drives

/SNOC = Scan only

/SC = Scan and Clean

/WaitToExit = Wait for user to press OK

/S = Silent Mode

(Scanning will begin automatically in the foreground. In absence of /S option alongwith other parameters, scanning has to be started manually)

/FS = Full Silent Mode

(Scanning will begin automatically in the background.In absence of /FS option with other parameters, scanning has to be started manually)

/NoLog = Dont make log

/Delete_IF_NOT_CLEANABLE = Delete if virus cannot be cleaned

/Delete_ALL_INFECTED = Delete all infected files

/LowPriority = Run in Low Priority

/CheckRegErrors = Check for Registry Errors

/SYNC = Write Buffers to HardDrive

(MWAV.EXE when used with this option, will commit all the information in the memory to the hard-disk)

/ForceUpdate = Forcibly Update eScan / Mailscan

/ScanRootkits = Scan for Rootkits (for W2K, XP and Win 2003)

/ZIP = ZIP Changed files

/EXPLORER = Set Explorer Default Values

/UNHIDE = Unhide Hidden Short Folders

/UNHIDEALL = Unhide All Hidden Folders

/UNHIDEALLFILES = Unhide ALL Hidden Folders and Files

/KILL = Identify Suspicious Programs in Memory

/SELF = Dont Use MS-Interface

(MWAV.EXE when used with this option will scan the system by loading into memory its own anti-virus database included in the toolkit. In absence of /SELF option, mwav.exe will share the anti-virus database loaded in the memory by the eScan real time monitor).

/ALL = Scan Memory and Local Drives

For eg.

  • mwav.exe /MEM - will start the MWAV Toolkit interface with the Memory option already selected.

/? = Help

(Scanning has to be started manually).
  • mwav.exe /MEM /S - will begin scaning the system memory automatically.
  • mwav.exe /ALL /S - will begin scanning the entire system (including Memory, Registry,

                                    Startup Folder, System Folder, Services, Spyware, All Local Drives).

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