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Command Line Parameters for eScanAV Cert-in Toolkit

NOTE: eScanAV Cert-in Toolkit can be executed with the following parameters from the command prompt. The below parameters can be used while deploying eScanAV Cert-in ToolKit from Third party Management Console as well as directly executing on any individual system.

/MEM = Scan Memory

/REG = Scan Registry

/STARTUP = Scan Startup Folders

/SysFolder = Scan System Folders

/Folder=[FolderName] = Scan FolderName

/SubFolders = Include Sub-Folder Scanning

/Drive = Scan local Drives

/SNOC = Scan only

/SC = Scan and Clean

/WaitToExit = Wait for user to press OK

/S = Silent Mode

(Scanning will begin automatically in the foreground. In absence of /S option alongwith other parameters, scanning has to be started manually)

/FS = Full Silent Mode

(Scanning will begin automatically in the background.In absence of /FS option with other parameters, scanning has to be started manually)

/NoLog = Dont make log

/Delete_IF_NOT_CLEANABLE = Delete if virus cannot be cleaned

/Delete_ALL_INFECTED = Delete all infected files

/LowPriority = Run in Low Priority

/CheckRegErrors = Check for Registry Errors

/SYNC = Write Buffers to HardDrive

(MWAVCRT.EXE when used with this option, will commit all the information in the memory to the hard-disk)

/ForceUpdate = Forcibly Update eScan / Mailscan

/ScanRootkits = Scan for Rootkits (for W2K, XP and Win 2003)

/ZIP = ZIP Changed files

/EXPLORER = Set Explorer Default Values

/UNHIDE = Unhide Hidden Short Folders

/UNHIDEALL = Unhide All Hidden Folders

/UNHIDEALLFILES = Unhide ALL Hidden Folders and Files

/KILL = Identify Suspicious Programs in Memory

/SELF = Dont Use MS-Interface

(MWAVCRT.EXE when used with this option will scan the system by loading into memory its own anti-virus database included in the toolkit. In absence of /SELF option, mwavcrt.exe will share the anti-virus database loaded in the memory by the eScan real time monitor).

/ALL = Scan Memory and Local Drives

For eg.

  • mwavcrt.exe /MEM - will start the eScanAV Cert-in Toolkit interface with the Memory option already selected.

/? = Help

(Scanning has to be started manually).
  • mwavcrt.exe /MEM /S - will begin scaning the system memory automatically.
  • mwavcrt.exe /ALL /S - will begin scanning the entire system (including Memory, Registry,

                                    Startup Folder, System Folder, Services, Spyware, All Local Drives).

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