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<h1>Mobile Security</h1> <h1>Mobile Security</h1>
-<h3>'''Recover Passcode'''</h3>+<h3>'''Unlock Device '''</h3>
<ol> <ol>
<li>Go to ''''''</li> <li>Go to ''''''</li>

Revision as of 09:26, 21 January 2017

Mobile Security

Unlock Device

  1. Go to
  2. Click on eScan Anti-Theft Login link present under Support Menu.
  3. This will open My eScan Login page.
  4. Login to the account where device is already added.
  5. Click on Android icon.
  6. Click on your Device icon.
  7. Click Recover Passcode option
  8. Your passcode for unlocking the device will be displayed on a pop up window.
  9. Enter this passcode on your device to Unlock.

  10. Note.
    You can Recover the passcode with the above steps only if you have an anti-theft account, and the device is already added to it.

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