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ADS Settings

The configuration for the ADS Login Settings should be as below.

AD IP Address: Specify the IP address of the Active Directory server to which you want to connect.

Username: Specify the username that will be used to connect to the Active Directory server. Eg: domain\username

Password: Specify the password for the user account set in the Username field.

Confirm Password: Specify/Repeat password set in the Password field.

Use SSL Auth.: Tick if the ADS server requires SSL Authentication.

AdsPort: Specify the port to connect. Default ADS port is 389.

Fetch Details from:

Specify the attribute from where the below details will be fetched.

Eg: If you need to fetch the details for the "Mobile Number" field from the "homePhone", "User's name" field from the "cn" and the "Email Id" field from the "mail” attributes of the user from the Active Directory, you will have to set as below.

Mobile Number: homePhone

User's name: cn

Email Id: mail

If these fields are left blank, the default attributes from where the details will be fetched are as below.

Mobile Number: mobile

User's name: SamAccountName

Email Id: mail

You can check for the correct attributes by using LDAP browser. Make sure you use the correct attributes, which will fulfill the validation criteria of the fields.

Mobile Number: Can be maximum 20 digits. + will be replaced with 00. Eg: +9198123456 will be added as 009198123456.

User's Name: Length of Username must be between 3 and 25 characters.

Email Id: Valid email formats will be accepted.

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