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The License module lets you manage user licenses. You can add, activate, and view the total number of licenses available for deployment, previously deployed, and licenses remaining with their corresponding values. The module also lets you move the licensed computers to non-licensed computers and vice versa.

Adding and Activating a License

The License module lets you add only two licenses at a time. To add more licenses, it is mandatory that you activate at least one license. The To Add License Click Here link becomes unavailable after adding two licenses, and to make it available you have to at least activate one license.

To add and activate a license, follow the steps given below:

1. In the License screen, click the Click Here link. Add License Key dialog box appears.

2. Enter the license key.

3. Click OK. The license key gets added and displayed under the License Key column.

4. To activate the added license, click Activate Now.

5. Click Activate now link displayed in Activation Code column to activate the license key on eScan server system. Online Registration Information form appears.

6. Select the preferred activation option.

7. Enter details in Personal Information section.

8. Select the preferred Email Subscription option.

9. Click Activate. (Ensure that the Internet connection is Active.) The added license will be activated.

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