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Data Encryption

The Data Encryption module lets you protect sensitive and confidential data from unauthorized access and data leak. With this module, the user can create a Vault that stores data in encrypted format.

The Vault is encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and HMAC-SHA 256-bit key. A password is required to access the vault. After you access the vault, the data stored will be automatically decrypted. Vice versa, after you close the vault, the data stored will be automatically encrypted.

Create a Vault

To create a vault, follow the steps given below:

1) Open eScan Protection Center.

2) Click data encryption.

Data Vault window appears.

3) Click Create new Data Vault.

4) To add files or folder in Data Vault, clickAdd files to Data Vault or Add folders to Data Vault respectively.

5) After adding required files and folder, click Next.

6) Configure the Data Vault:

  • Name of Data Vault: Enter a name for the vault.
  • Location of Data Vault: To select a custom location for Data Vault, click Browse. The default path for vault is c:\eScanVault.
  • Select a size for Data Vault, Variable size or Fixed size. If selected Fixed size enter the size in below field or use the arrow buttons to specify size.
  • Optionally, select the checkbox Create desktop shortcut for Data Vault.

7) After filling all the details, click Next.

8) Read the Password Hint and then enter the password.


A forgotten password cannot be recovered.

If you forgot the password, you cannot access your files.

9) Click Next.

10) Data will be copied to the Data Vault. If you wish to delete the original files and folders outside the data vault by clicking Delete or else click Skip.

11) Click Finish. The Data Vault will be created and get displayed on the data encryption list. To encrypt your data, click Lock.

12) Click Close.

The created Data Vault will be encrypted.


If you selected Create desktop shortcut for Data Vault checkbox, it will create a shortcut of data vault.

Modify a Vault

To modify a Data Vault, follow the steps given below:

1) Launch eScan.

2) Click data encryption.

3) In the Data Vault window, select the Data Vault and click More. You will get following options:

  • Rename

  • Show the location of data vault

  • Create a Desktop shortcut for data vault

  • Delete

  • Change Password

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