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The Administration module lets you create User Accounts and User Roles to allocate them Administrative rights for using eScan Management Console as required. With this option, you can allocate roles to the other employees and allow them to carry out required responsibility.

The Administration module consists following submodules:

User Accounts

User Roles

User Accounts

With User Accounts submodule, you can assign Administrator role to added users and reduce the workload. This submodule displays a list of users and their details like Domain, Role, Session Log and Status. You can create new user accounts and also add them from Active Directory.

Creating a User Account

To create a User Account, follow the steps given below:

1. In the User Accounts screen, click Create New Account.

Create User form appears.

2. After filling all the details, click Save.

The user will be added to the User Accounts list.

Adding a User from Active Directory

1. In the User Accounts screen, click Add from Active Directory.

Add Active Directory Users form appears.

2. After filling Search Criteria section details, click Search.

A list of users will be displayed in the Users section.

3. Select a user and then click > button to add the user to Selected Users section.

Vice versa the added user can be moved from Selected Users to Users by clicking >.

2. Click Save.

The user will be added to the User Accounts list.

Deleting a User Account

To delete a user account, follow the steps given below:

1. In the User Accounts screen, select a user and then click Delete.

A confirmation prompt appears.

2. Click OK.

The User Account will be deleted.

User Roles

The User Roles submodule lets you create a role and assign it to the User Accounts with variable permissions and rights as defined in the role being assigned to them. It can be an Administrator role with set of permissions and rights Group Admin Role or a Read only Role.

You can re-define the Properties of the created role for configuring access to various section of eScan Management Console and the networked Computers. It also lets you delete any existing role after the task is completed by them. It allows the administrator to give permission to subadministrators to access defined modules of eScan and perform installation/uninstallation of eScan Client on network computers or define Policies and tasks for the computers allocated to them.

Adding a User Role

To add a user role, follow the steps given below:

1. In the User Roles screen, click New Role.
New Role form appears.

2. Enter name and description for the role.

3. Click Managed Computers and select the specific group to assign the role.

The added role will be able to manage and monitor only the selected group’s activities.

4. Click OK.
Permissions section appears displaying Main Tree Menu and Client Tree Menu tabs. The Main Tree Menu consists of Managed Mobile Devices and Anti-Theft view and configuration permissions. The Client Tree Menu consists of selected groups on which permissions the user is allowed to take further.

5. Select the check boxes that will allow the role to view/configure the settings.

6. After selecting the necessary check boxes, click Save.

The role will be added to the User Roles list.

Role Properties

To view the properties of a role, follow the steps given below:

1. In the User Roles screen, select a role.
This enables Properties and Delete buttons.

  1. Click Properties.

Properties screen appears. Main Tree Menu lets you modify role description, permissions for accessing and configuring Managed Mobile Devices and Anti-Theft modules.

  1. To set permissions for groups or subgroups, click Client Tree Menu.

Select the group or subgroup to set permission.

4. Click Save.

The Role Properties will be updated accordingly.

Deleting a User Role

To delete a user role, in the User Roles screen, select a user role and then click Delete.

The User Role will be deleted.

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