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Fencing Location(s)

Geo-Fencing refers to drawing a virtual barrier around a location using a device’s Global Positioning System (GPS) or Internet Protocol (IP) address. Technically, geo-fencing can be any size radius from a particular location, anywhere from 25m to 5000m in stretch. You can define an address on the map and set the radius around that address. If the device is in that region, the policy which is set by the administrator will be active on the device.

Creating a Fencing Location

To create a Fencing Location, it is necessary that a default location must be set first.

  1. Click Fencing Location(s) and then click Set Default Location. Default Location window appears.

2. Enter the location and then click Save.

3. After setting the default location, click Add. Fencing Location(s) window appears.

4. Enter the location and select the appropriate one from suggestions.

5. Select the appropriate radius by clicking Radius drop-down and then click Set.

6. In the Custom Address field, enter a name for fencing location.

7. After entering all the details, click Save.

Editing a Fencing Location

  1. Select a location and then click Edit.
  2. After making the necessary changes, click Save.

Deleting a Fencing Location

1. Select a location and then click Delete. A confirmation prompt appears.

2. Click Delete. The location will be deleted.

View On Map

Clicking View On Map lets you view the selected location on the Google Maps.

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