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Manage Backup

Manage Backup module lets you take a backup of SMS and Contacts saved on the managed devices to the server and restore it on the device whenever required.

Clicking a group displays all the devices it contains and their details such as Mobile Number, User’s Name, Last Backup, Backup Now and Manage Backup.

Clicking on a device shows information about its last SMS Backup, Contacts Backup and Device Status .

Taking a backup from devices to the server

  1. Click Manage Backup and select the specific group or devices of you wish to take a backup to the MDM server. Selecting a device will enable Backup Now option.
  2. Select the desired backup and then click Backup Now.

Backup window appears displaying the progress.

The report displays following fields.

Mobile Number, User's name, Last backup, Backup Now, Manage Backup .

Manage Backup: Clicking Manage Backup link displays following screen.

It displays the SMS Backup, Contact Backup, Device Status and Refresh backup list.

SMS Backup: It displays the SMS backup status for the selected device.

Contact Backup: It displays the contact backup status for the selected device.

Device Status  : It displays the following fields.

Date-Time and Description

Date-Time displays the date and time when the Contacts and SMS backup was requested by the server.

Description displays whether the Contacts or SMS backup was requested from the server.

Clicking Refresh backup list refreshes the backup list.

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