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Report Scheduler

The Report Scheduler module lets you schedule a report based on the type of templates, specific group or device, file format and type of schedule. Under Report Scheduler, following options are available. Except New, all other options are enabled only after selecting a template.




This option lets you create a report schedule.


This option lets you edit a report schedule.


This option lets you delete a report schedule.


This option lets you run a report schedule.


This option lets you view a report schedule.


This option lets you view the results of previously deployed report schedule.

After clicking New, New Report Scheduler window appears.

Enter a name in the New Report Scheduler field.

Below there are following sections.

  • Template Selection
  • Selection For Applied Groups/Clients
  • Report Send Options
  • Report Scheduling Settings

Template Selection

Select the appropriate template for generating a report according to your preferences of Date, Devices and Action taken.

Under the Template Selection we have following templates.

  • Application Control Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Update Report
  • Virus Report
  • Web Control Report

Selection For Applied Groups/Clients

Select the groups for which you want to schedule the report.

• Report for Groups

• Report for a List of Devices

Select Report for Groups tab to schedule a report for the specific groups.

Select Report for a List of Devices option to schedule a report for specific devices.

Configure the options for sending the report on email using Report Send Options.

Select the appropriate format for sending the report on email. .xls, .html and .pdf formats are supported.

Report Send Options

Add the following details under the Report Send Options section.

Send Report by Email

Report Sender – The email address set for Email Notification Settings will be displayed here.

Report Recipient – Enter an email address for the report recipient and then click Add.

Select the Report Format:

Click the drop-down to select the preferred format. Following report format options are available:

• HTML Page

• Adobe PDF

• Microsoft Excel file

• CSV file

Report Scheduling Settings

There are two options to schedule a report. The options are Scheduled and Manual.

Scheduled  : Select this option to schedule a report for daily, weekly or monthly basis.

At : This option lets you set the specific time at which you want the report.

Manual - Select this option to generate a report manually at an instant.

Running a schedule

To run a schedule, select a schedule and then click Run. After clicking Run, the console runs the schedule, generates a report and sends it to the recipient mail address.

Editing a Schedule

Select a schedule and then click Edit. Edit Report Scheduler window appears.

Make the required changes and then click Save.

Deleting a Schedule

Select a schedule and then click Delete. The selected schedule will be deleted.

Viewing the report

Select a schedule and then click View. The report is displayed in following manner.

Viewing results of a report

Select a schedule and then click Results. The results are displayed in following manner.

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