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Report Templates

The Report Templates module lets you generate/edit (Customize) any pre-defined report template for any eScan module. You can also create your own customized report template as per your requirements.

Creating a Report Template

  1. In the Report Templates screen, click New. New Report Template window appears.

2. Type a name for the new report template and select the required report type from the given options.

3. In Select Filter Options section, select the appropriate Date Options and Sort By, then click Save.

Editing a Report Template

1. Select a Report Template and then click Edit. Edit Report Template window appears.

2. Make the required changes and then click Save. The Report Template will be updated.

Deleting a Report Template

Select a Report Template and then click Delete. The Report Template will be deleted.

Viewing a Report

To view report details, select the specific template and then click View. A window appears displaying specific details.

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