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The Settings module lets you save server details for sending email notifications to the device users. You can also add the latest certificates required to manage iOS devices in the console via this module.

Certificate Management

The eScan EMM requires a SSL certificate to manage your iOS devices from the EMM console. This section gives you information on all the pre-requisites for managing iOS devices and how you can import the SSL certificate. It also briefs you on what the certificate is about and where you can purchase the same.

Important Note:

  1. The SSL certificate is not an iOS certificate or some other certificate provided by Apple.
  2. This is a normal SSL certificate that organizations use on their server for SSL communication (https). For example, when you visit our website, you are on a secured connection, as an SSL certificate installed on our domain
  3. If you own the website as '', you need to get an SSL certificate for the domain You can buy it from a Certificate Authority or generate it for free.
  4. The SSL certificate thus bought from a Certificate Authority has to be renewed every year. If you have generated the SSL certificate for free it has to be renewed every 3 months.
  5. In order to have a secure communication between your server and Apple’s server you will have to import the SSL certificate in the console.

Importing an SSL certificate

  1. Click eScan Mobility Management (EMM). Select Platform prompt appears.
  2. Under To manage iOS devices you need to add a Trusted CA Certificate. Click Start with iOS. It opens a new window where you can import your certificate files.
  3. Search for the files in your local drive.
  4. Save the files. After saving files, a confirmation message appears.


Make sure you add an authentic CA certificate and key in .crt and .key file format.

A self-signed file will not be accepted.

To add the CA certificate if

You had selected to proceed with " Start with Android (without iOS)" earlier


You have deleted the previous certificate, follow the steps given below:

  1. On the navigation panel, click Settings.
  2. Select Certificate Management tab.
  3. Click Add. Add Certificate window appears.
  4. Click Choose File and select the .crt and .key files. Enter the password in Certificate Key File Password if your key file is password protected.
  5. After selecting the files (and entering password) click Save. A confirmation message appears “Certificate added successfully”.

Email Notification Settings

Set up an email account to receive notifications.

From (Administrator Email ID): Enter the administrator email ID.

SMTP Server: Enter the SMTP server IP address.

SMTP Port: Enter the SMTP Port number.

Auth . Username: Enter the authorized username.

Auth . Password: Enter the password.

After you are done filling the details, click Save.

To run a test for the configured settings, click Test. A test email will be sent to the entered email ID.

Data Purge

This setting lets you define the number of days for storing data in tables. The old data will be purged automatically after it reaches number of specified days. The data purge can be set for following data tables:

• Location History

• Data Usage data

• Call Logs data

• Device History data

After making the necessary changes, click Save. The web console Settings will be updated.

Connection Sequence

The enrollment email and QR code consists the server list. As devices are getting enrolled, they will use these server details and connect to the servers in the same sequence. After you are done making changes, click Save. The Server sequence changes will be saved.

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