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|} |}
 +{| border="5" style="background:none;"
 +|<B>Release Notes</B>
 +* [[Release Notes for ver. 5.5-18|<font color=blue>Version 5.5-18</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B><I>(Date: 04-December-2018)</I></B>
 +* [[Release Notes for ver. 5.5-17|<font color=blue>Version 5.5-17</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B><I>(Date: 06-September-2018)</I></B>
 +* [[Release Notes for ver. 5.5-16|<font color=blue>Version 5.5-16</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B><I>(Date: 13-March-2018)</I></B>
 +* [[Release Notes for ver. 5.5-15|<font color=blue>Version 5.5-15</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B><I>(Date: 09-January-2018)</I></B>
 +* [[Release Notes for ver. 5.5-14|<font color=blue>Version 5.5-14</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B><I>(Date: 20-November-2017)</I></B>
 +* [[Release Notes for ver. 5.5-13|<font color=blue>Version 5.5-13</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B><I>(Date: 07-September-2017)</I></B>
 +* [[Release Notes for ver. 5.5-12|<font color=blue>Version 5.5-12</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B><I>(Date: 03-February-2017)</I></B>
 +* [[Release Notes for ver. 5.5-11|<font color=blue>Version 5.5-11</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B><I>(Date: 01-September-2015)</I></B>
 +* [[Release Notes for ver. 5.5-10|<font color=blue>Version 5.5-10</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B><I>(Date: 14-May-2015)</I></B>
 +* [[Release Notes for ver. 5.5-9|<font color=blue>Version 5.5-9</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B><I>(Date: 19-April-2015)</I></B>
 +* [[Release Notes for ver. 5.5-8|<font color=blue>Version 5.5-8</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B><I>(Date: 10-July-2014)</I></B>
 +* [[Release Notes for ver. 5.5-7|<font color=blue>Version 5.5-7</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B><I>(Date: 09-April-2013)</I></B>
 +* [[Release Notes for ver. 5.5-6|<font color=blue>Version 5.5-6</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B><I>(Date: 28-September-2012)</I></B>
 +* [[Release Notes for ver. 5.5-5|<font color=blue>Version 5.5-5</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B><I>(Date: 14-August-2012)</I></B>
 +* [[Release Notes for ver. 5.5-4|<font color=blue>Version 5.5-4</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<B><I>(Date: 23-July-2012)</I></B>
{| border="5" style="background:none;" {| border="5" style="background:none;"
-|<B>Downloads eScan Anti-Virus Security for Mac version 5.5-3</B>+|<B>Downloads eScan Anti-Virus Security for Mac version 5.5-18</B>
 +'''''( MD5 Hash of eScan_Anti-Virus.dmg :- 7c6bf4738795a43f3ce6744b4019512f)
 +* <span class="plainlinks neverexpand">[ <font color="blue"><B>Download Link 1</B></font>]</span>
 +<B><U><font size=2.9>OR</font></U></B>
 +* <span class="plainlinks neverexpand">[ <font color="blue"><B>Download Link 2</B></font>]</span>'''''
-'''''( MD5 Hash of eScan_Anti-Virus.dmg :- fadd4f4f89d303a20dd5b3f7edf10f8c ) 
-* <span class="plainlinks neverexpand">[ <font color="blue"><B>Download Link 1</B></font>]</span>+{| border="1" style="background:none;"
-<B><U><font size=1.9>OR</font></U></B>+|<B>Supported Mac OS X</B>
-* <span class="plainlinks neverexpand">[ <font color="blue"><B>Download Link 2</B></font>]</span>'''''+|}&nbsp;
 +* <B>OS X Snow Leopard (10.6 or later)</B>'''''
 +* <B>OS X Lion (10.7 or later)</B>'''''
 +* <B>OS X Mountain Lion (10.8 or later)</B>'''''
 +* <B>OS X Mavericks (10.9 or later)</B>'''''
 +* <B>OS X Yosemite (10.10 or later)</B>'''''
 +* <B>OS X El Capitan (10.11 or later)</B>'''''
 +* <B>macOS Sierra (10.12 or later)</B>'''''
 +* <B>macOS High Sierra (10.13 or later)</B>'''''
 +* <B>macOS Mojave (10.14 or later)</B>'''''
 +{|border="1" style="background:none;"
 +|<B>NOTE:</B> eScan Anti-Virus Security for Mac requires "Full Disk Access" approval for scanning malwares on real time basis. For details, click here for <span class="plainlinks neverexpand">[ <font color="blue"><B>Full Disk Access in macOS Mojave (10.14).</B></font>]</span>
---- ----

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eScan Anti-Virus Security for Mac Version 5.x

Release Notes

Downloads eScan Anti-Virus Security for Mac version 5.5-18

( MD5 Hash of eScan_Anti-Virus.dmg :- 7c6bf4738795a43f3ce6744b4019512f)


Supported Mac OS X
  • OS X Snow Leopard (10.6 or later)
  • OS X Lion (10.7 or later)
  • OS X Mountain Lion (10.8 or later)
  • OS X Mavericks (10.9 or later)
  • OS X Yosemite (10.10 or later)
  • OS X El Capitan (10.11 or later)
  • macOS Sierra (10.12 or later)
  • macOS High Sierra (10.13 or later)
  • macOS Mojave (10.14 or later)
NOTE: eScan Anti-Virus Security for Mac requires "Full Disk Access" approval for scanning malwares on real time basis. For details, click here for Full Disk Access in macOS Mojave (10.14).

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