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-*[[Mailscan for Exchange]]+*[[Mailscan 6.1a for Exchange 2000/2003/2007]]
-*[[Mailscan for SMTP Server]]+ 
-*[[MailScan for Mail-Server]]+*[[Mailscan 6.1a for SMTP Server]]
-*[[MailScan for Lotus Notes]]+ 
-*[[MailScan for VPOP3]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for Mail-Server]]
-*[[MailScan for CommuniGate Pro]]+ 
-*[[MailScan Enterprise for PostMaster]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for Lotus Notes]]
-==*[[MailScan for Mail Daemon]]+ 
-==*[[MailScan for Mailtraq]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for VPOP3]]
-*[[MailScan for SpearMail]]+ 
-==*[[MailScan Lite for Mailtraq]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for CommuniGate Pro]]
-==*[[MailScan for LAN-Projekt WinProxy]]+ 
-==*[[MailScan for DMail and SurgeMAIL]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a Pro for PostMaster]]
-==*[[MailScan for VOPMail]]+ 
-==*[[MailScan for WinRoute]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a Enterprise for PostMaster]]
-==*[[MailScan for Avirt]]+ 
-==*[[MailScan for Merak]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for SpearMail]]
-==*[[MailScan for ShareMail]]+ 
-==*[[MailScan for NetNow]]+*[[XSpam 6.1a ]]
-==*[[MailScan for MailMax]]+
-==*[[MailScan for 1st UpMailServer]]+
-==*[[MailScan for IAMS]]+

Revision as of 17:41, 19 March 2009

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