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-==''Release notes''==+{| class="wikitable" border="0"
 +!<h2 id="mp-tfp-h2" style="margin:0; background:#6985C3; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:10 solid #afa3bf; text-align:left; color:#000; padding:0.2em 0.4em">MailScan version 6.x</h2>
-*[[Release Notes for ver.6.1a]] 
-==''Links to download Mailscan''==+{| border="5" style="background:none;"
 +|<B>Release Notes</B>
 +*[[Release Notes for ver.6.1a|<font color=blue>Release Notes for version 6.1a</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<!--<B><I>(Date: 18-March-2009)</I></B>-->
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for Avirt]] 
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for CommuniGate Pro]] 
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for DMail and SurgeMail]] 
-*[[Mailscan 6.1a for IAMS (Internet Anywhere Mail Server)]]+{| border="5" style="background:none;"
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for LAN-Projekt WinProxy]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for Avirt|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for Avirt</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for Lotus Notes]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for CommuniGate Pro|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for CommuniGate Pro</font>]]
-*[[Mailscan 6.1a for Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2007]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for DMail and SurgeMail|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for DMail and SurgeMail</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for Mail Daemon]]+*[[Mailscan 6.1a for IAMS (Internet Anywhere Mail Server)|<font color=blue>Mailscan 6.1a for IAMS (Internet Anywhere Mail Server)</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for MailMax]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for LAN-Projekt WinProxy|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for LAN-Projekt WinProxy</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for Mail-Server]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for Lotus Notes|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for Lotus Notes</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for Mailtraq]]+*[[Mailscan 6.1a for Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2007|<font color=blue>Mailscan 6.1a for Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2007</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a Lite for Mailtraq]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for Mail Daemon|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for Mail Daemon</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for Merak]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for MailMax|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for MailMax</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for NetNow]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for Mail-Server|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for Mail-Server</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a Pro for PostMaster]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for Mailtraq|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for Mailtraq</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a Enterprise for PostMaster]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a Lite for Mailtraq|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a Lite for Mailtraq</font>]]
-*[[Mailscan 6.1a for SMTP Server]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for Merak|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for Merak</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for SpearMail]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for NetNow|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for NetNow</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for ShareMail]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a Pro for PostMaster|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a Pro for PostMaster</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for UpMailServer]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a Enterprise for PostMaster|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a Enterprise for PostMaster</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for VOPMail]]+*[[Mailscan 6.1a for SMTP Server|<font color=blue>Mailscan 6.1a for SMTP Server</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for VPOP3]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for SpearMail|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for SpearMail</font>]]
-*[[MailScan 6.1a for WinRoute]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for ShareMail|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for ShareMail</font>]]
-*[[XSpam 6.1a ]]+*[[MailScan 6.1a for UpMailServer|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for UpMailServer</font>]]
 +*[[MailScan 6.1a for VOPMail|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for VOPMail</font>]]
 +*[[MailScan 6.1a for VPOP3|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for VPOP3</font>]]
 +*[[MailScan 6.1a for WinRoute|<font color=blue>MailScan 6.1a for WinRoute</font>]]
 +*[[XSpam 6.1a |<font color=blue>XSpam 6.1a</font>]]

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MailScan version 6.x


Release Notes


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