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-|style="text-align:left;"|'''·''' [[Escan/english/eScan-Articles|<font size=1.5 color="blue" align="left">Articles</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;'''·''' [[Escan/english/eScan-FAQ|<font size=1.5 color="blue">FAQ</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;'''·''' [[Escan/english/eScan-Troubleshooting|<font size=1.5 color="blue">Troubleshooting</font>]]+|style="text-align:left;"|'''·''' [[Escan/english/FAQ-eScan|<font size=1.5 color="blue" align="left">eScan</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;'''·''' [[Escan/english/MailScan-AFT|<font size=1.5 color="blue">Mailscan</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;'''·''' [[Escan/english/Technologies|<font size=1.5 color="blue">Technologies</font>]]
-|style="text-align:right;"|&nbsp;&nbsp;'''·''' [[Technical Info|<font size=1.5 color="blue">Technical Information - Main Page</font>]]+|style="text-align:right;"|&nbsp;&nbsp;'''·''' [[Technical Info|<font size=1.5 color="blue">Technical Info</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;'''·''' [[Escan/english/Security_Awareness|<font size=1.5 color="blue">Security Awareness</font>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;'''·''' [[User_Guides|<font size=1.5 color="blue">User Guides</font>]]
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Latest Announcements

Awards & Achievements

MicroWorld announces the release of ’e Scan™ v.11 of ISS & AV products for HOME / SOHO editions. SMB and Enterprise editions will be available in few weeks. 

Note: eScan for Windows version 10 for HOME / SOHO has been discontinued and is no longer available for download. This means that there will be no more feature development on eScan version 10, however we will continue supporting all the existing eScan version 10 customers. Customers having eScan version 10 can upgrade to eScan 11 for FREE. The link below will re-direct you to the download page for eScan 11. If you specifically need to re-download & install eScan version 10 please send us an email request at along with your license key details.

Click here for eScan for Home / SOHO

Click here for eScan for SMB / SME

Click here for eScan Corporate / Enterprise for Windows

For version 10 release notes click here

For version 11 release notes click here

Click Here for MicroWorld Service Level Agreement

The eScan range of products has been released for Windows Vista, Windows XP (with SP2 and above), Windows 2000 (with SP4 with Rollup 1), Windows 2003 (with SP1 and above) and Windows 2008.

New Features: In addition to the existing features few more features has been added, which are listed below:

  1. Trendy Dock Based GUI
  2. Gamer Mode
  3. Laptop Mode
  4. Heuristic Scanning for Proactive Protection
  5. Faster On-Demand Scanner with White-listing Technology
  6. Web Protection with Virtual Keyboard
  7. User defined File blocking & Folder Protection
  8. Advanced Self-Protection Features
  9. Web Anti-Phishing
  10. Network Traffic Monitor
  11. User-based Parental Control
  12. Identity Theft Prevention
  13. Automatically Checks & Downloads Critical Updates from the Microsoft® Web site
  14. eScan Installation CD with Rescue Disk

It will support upgrades from all earlier supported eScan versions - but as always (considering the number of builds, hotfixes and upgrades present out there), we will recommend that you uninstall any earlier versions and then install the new one.

If you have any feature-related questions and/or suggestions, Please write to and our extremely able & supportive team will help you with your queries. For any support related questions, write to

 News                                                                                                                   Press Release

For more click here...

For more click here...

   Virus Alerts                                                                                                      Events

For more click here...

For more click here...

For more on Awards & Achievements click here...

About MicroWorld

MicroWorld Technologies is an advanced security solution provider specializing in AntiVirus, AntiSpam, Content Security and Network Intrusion Prevention solutions. Incorporated in New Jersey, USA - MicroWorld has offices in USA, India, Germany, Malaysia and South Africa, as well as a powerful network of more than 15,000 partners and resellers around the globe.

Headed by the dynamic entrepreneur and technocrat Govind Rammurthy, MicroWorld Technologies began its operations in the year 1994. The firm has since been redefining the security landscape by developing technologies and solutions that are innovative and futuristic. The company's continued endeavor is to provide Futuristic Security Intelligence to computers, be it Enterprise, SMB or Home user segment.

Products from MicroWorld have passed several rigorous tests conducted by reputed, and independent evaluators of the security industry, while they have also won plenty of awards for their superior performance. Virus Bulletin, Checkmark, AV-Comparatives, TUCOWS, Red Hat Ready and Novell Ready are a few of them.

MicroWorld's biggest asset is its people. Its core team consists of wizards in various platforms of Technology, geniuses in marketing, veterans in sales and masters in Finance. Always keen to hire the best and the brightest talents, MicroWorld inspires its employees to question the conventions and break new paths. Differential thinking is ingrained in MicroWorld philosophy.

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