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* [[Online Chat|<font color="blue">Online Chat</font>]] * [[Online Chat|<font color="blue">Online Chat</font>]]
* [[Telephonic Support|<font color="blue">Telephone</font>]] * [[Telephonic Support|<font color="blue">Telephone</font>]]
 +* [[Remote Support|<font color="blue">Remote Support</font>]]
* [[Forums|<font color="blue">Forums</font>]] * [[Forums|<font color="blue">Forums</font>]]
|} |}

Revision as of 06:00, 11 September 2009




Release Notes for MailScan 6.1a

  1. New Proactive Engine.
  2. Virus Outbreak added.
  3. Anonymous user can not login to webconsole.
  4. Export and import feature added.
  5. Minor problem in updates corrected.
  6. Notification if virus signature failed.
  7. Notification if virus signature successful.
  8. Notifications if virus signatures are more than xx days/hours older.
  9. Consolidated reports for virus outbreak.


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