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eScan version 14


Release Notes for  Image:escan-g.jpg Version 14.0.1400.1789 (Date:28-July-2015)

  1. New! Template based policy.
  2. New! Session Activity Report under User Activity.
  3. New! Schedule download under policy. Note: Client upgrade required
  4. Added change path Export and Import.
  5. New! Hardware Report Template.
  6. Improved Update Agent concept, Update Agent can now download and distribute policy, collect and send event to server, Installation can be done through Update agent.
  7. Added "Force download" and "On demand Scan" under Events and Computer.
  8. Added Outbreak Prevention for Client and Group with Auto restore option.
  9. Added Active directory Synchronization and Auto Installation ( Only for Active Directory ) under Managed computer.
  10. Added Auto Grouping for endpoints under settings.
  11. Added Whiltelisting of filenames blocked by Advanced Proactive Scanner.
  12. Added Send Message to Endpoints added under Managed Computers Note: Client upgrade required
  13. Version 14 will be compatible with Windows 10 Operating System.


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