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eScan version 14


Release Notes for  Image:escan-g.jpg Version 14.0.1400.2027 (Date:28-July-2017)

  1. Incremental Antivirus Signature Updates.
  2. Windows Critical Patch Management from Server (In Background).
  3. Enhanced Web filtering.
  4. Ransomeware Protection in Endpoints.
  5. eBackup on Local Machine (Contact Sales for enabaling eBackup Network Feature).
  6. New Policy Model - Now user can borrow individual modules from previous policies to create new policy.
  7. Policy criteria can be set for Domain Users.
  8. Update Agent can be set for Multiple Group(s) & Client(s), through single Configuration page.
  9. Update Agent status information can be viewed from "Events & Computers >> Computer Selection"
  10. File Activity added under User Activity with option to Filter and Export in various Formats.
  11. Export option added for Clients in respective group.
  12. Select Column added for Clients Summary.
  13. Temporary access to module can be given using One Time Password (OTP) added under "Client Action List".
  14. eScan Remote Access (RMM) over LAN and WAN. (Contact Sales for enabling this feature).
  15. Option to create client setup added for respective group with Offline policy. Available under "Action List".
  16. Option to take Action and Manage client added in Global Search Option.
  17. Filter option added to Network Discovery in "Unmanaged Computers >> New Computers Found" Section.
  18. New Report Templates Added "File Activity", "Asset Change (Software)", "Assest Change (Hardware)", "Computers with Critical Status", "Scan Report".
  19. "Violation" option added under "Events & Computer".
  20. Microsoft Software Report for Microsoft Office and Microsoft OS added under Asset Management.
  21. Instant email Event Alert added under Outbreak Notification.
  22. Customize configurable setup added for deployment (Windows/Linux).
  23. Asset Change added under Dashboard.
  24. New columns added for client information in groups (E.g. Last Connected/Available User(s)/Logged in User/Local Users).
  25. "Export Detailed Report" added in "Asset management >> Software Report".
  26. "Policy Criteria Templates" added in "Managed Computers".
  27. "Delete All Quarantine Files" added in "Managed Computers >> Client Action List".
  28. Update Agent for Linux clients - Linux client machines can also take updates from windows update agent.
  29. New feature "Use separate uninstall password" added in "Policy >> Administrator Password ".
  30. New policy added for Linux for Uninstall Password and Schedules Updates.
  31. New task "Sync System Time with eScan Server" added for Groups and Specific Policy.
  32. PDF export option added in "Managed computers >> Client computers".
  33. "Network Speed" column added in "Asset Management >> Hardware Detail".
  34. "Automatic Move to Non license" added in "Events and computers >> Settings >> Events & Computers Settings >> Computer Selection >> Not connected for long time". Endpoints will be moved to Non-License, if not connected for long time.
  35. "Import" button added in "Policy Template >> EndPoint Security >> Application Control >> Block List". User can import CSV file for block list.
  36. "Last Month" option added in report scheduler.
  37. "Software Version" added in software report.
  38. Date/Time Violations added in "Events & Computers" with export facility.
  39. "Installed date" column added in Software report.

eScan Mobility Management

  1. Containerization added.
  2. BYOD/COD grouping added.
  3. Geo/WIFI fencing added for COD/BYOD.
  4. AD synchronization for adding new devices added.
  5. Data Usage added.
  6. Location Tracking added.
  7. Device enrollment logic improved.
  8. AV update logic improved.
  9. Change server IP from console added.
  10. Unblock device from console added.
  11. Network blocking for apps (via VPN) added.
  12. Device search option added.
  13. Email account wipe settings through policy added.
  14. Enrollment Status added to Dashboard.
  15. Minor bug fixes.


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