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eScan version 22


Release Notes for  Image:escan-g.jpg Version 22.0.1400.2378 (Date:- Aug-2021)

  1. New Stylish GUI.
  2. Added support for web socket over HTTPS in Data Theft.
  3. Achieve peak performance levels with advanced technologies.
  4. New caching method for improved performance.
  5. New memory-management routines for lower memory usage.
  6. Added sound effect for scream option in Anti-Theft.
  7. Added Export to PDF in View Current Network Activity.
  8. Improved accessibility.
  9. Added Data Encryption.
  10. Support added for NVME Port in Rescue Mode.
  11. Optimized scanning of QUIC connections.
  12. Bug stomping.
  13. Two-factor authentication for added security.
  14. Added support for Terminal users in 2FA.
  15. Improved Two-way Firewall.
  16. User can whitelist USB devices when Block USB Ports is selected.
  17. USB Tethering allow/block will function independent of composite USB allow/block.
  18. Improvised Web Protection.
  19. Improvised Terminal Service Protection Module (TSPM).
  20. Effective Phishing Protection.
  21. Block CD/DVD and Read Only - CD/DVD support added for Windows 10.
  22. Sensitive OS file protection.
  23. Added Blocking of Spammy Domains.
  24. Various minor improvements related to handling of false positives.
  25. Improved detection and remediation of several Ransomware variants.
  26. Added additional check in PBAE to detect advanced threats.
  27. Improved detection of 3rd Party hacking tools.
  28. Bluetooth file-transfer control.
  29. Better rescue-mode support for latest SSD and multi-OS machines.

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