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Secure Browsing

Web Protection is a part of eScan’s Protection feature. This module uses highly advanced algorithms based on the occurrence of specific words or phrases in the contents of the Web site to block Web sites containing pornographic or offensive material. This feature is extremely beneficial to parents because it prevents kids from accessing Web sites containing harmful or restricted content. this feature does not visit the target pages, it utilizes the safe browsing list which is also used to label malware in Google’s search results thereby reducing the risk associated with loading random web-pages

Administrators can also use this feature to prevent employees from accessing non-work-related Web sites during work hours. Using the Web Protection Module you can create Profiles for various types of users, you can categorize them in different categories that have variable permissions for net usage and website access. For your convenience four profiles have already been defined in eScan with different access rights and web Access control levels. You can also define the time line for the web protection to be Active or Inactive for the selected profile. It also allows you to Block Web access during the defined timeline

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