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Click here for MWAV Toolkit - Command line parameters

MWAV Toolkit ver 14.0.342 DB (Date:- 02-Nov-2018) (Size: 291,714,696 Bytes/278 MB)







(MD5 Hash of mwav.exe : eb0ce8e831123ca3b02cb251a197abc4)

Release Notes for MWAV ver.14.0.342 DB (Date:- 02-November-2018)

  1. Latest Virus signatures database updated.
  2. Few more formats added for infected LNK detection.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.14.0.310 DB (Date:- 25-January-2018)

  1. Latest Virus signatures database updated.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.14.0.270 DB (Date:- 06-February-2017)

  1. Latest Virus signatures database updated.
  2. Added new methods for LNK infections.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.14.0.202 DB (Date:- 28-July-2015)

  1. Updated scan engine added.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.14.0.139 DB (Date:- 18-April-2014)

  1. Updated scan engine added.
  2. Latest Spyware detection added.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.14.0.99 DB (Date:- 23-October-2013)

  1. Multi-threading has now been implemented within eScan Toolkit.
  2. Double-byte long filenames will be properly handled.
  3. Support for scanning Multibyte filenames/folders added.
  4. RootKit detection engine updated.
  5. Few more formats added for infected LNKs detection.
  6. Latest Virus signatures database updated.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.12.0.245 DB (Date:- 19-June-2012)

  1. eScan ToolKit (MWAV) will not update Malware/Spam signatures if eScan Evaluation or Contract period has expired.
  2. eScan ToolKit (MWAV) will be compatible with Windows 8 Release and Consumer Preview.
  3. Any Hidden Folders/Files on USB drive will be unhidden when scanned using eScan ToolKit (MWAV).
  4. Updated scan engine added.
  5. Latest Spyware detection added.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.12.0.222 DB (Date:- 23-February-2012)

  1. With "System folders" scan options, MWAV will also scan %Windir%\Offline Web Pages directory.
  2. With "Scan drive" scan option,memory scanning will also be done.
  3. "Scan Archive" option added in GUI.
  4. Option to do "All files" or "Program Files" scanning is removed from GUI.
  5. DNS Record scanning added before memory scan begins. This will look at DNS records for poisoning.
  6. Updated scan engine added.
  7. Latest Spyware detection added.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.12.0.198 DB (Date:- 21-December-2011)

  1. When a all drive scan or full drive scan or a scan-job is initiated, a scan of all quarantined items also takes place. A scan of quarantined items also can be done using option /ScanQ. Any items which are NOT detected or which are disinfected by eScan, will automatically be restored back to its original location.
  2. Updated scan engine added.
  3. Latest Spyware detection added.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.12.0.187 DB (Date:- 12-October-2011)

  1. When /Min is given, scanner window will be minimized to taskbar.
  2. Master Boot Record (MBR) will be scanned & cleaned, if infected.
  3. Update scan engine added.
  4. Latest Spyware detection added.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.12.0.150 DB (Date:- 23-June-2011)

  1. When "eScan toolkit (MWAV)" is run from a USB drive and updates are taken, a copy of the updates are kept on the USB. The next time when toolkit is run, it will automatically run with latest updates available on USB.
  2. Latest scan engine updated.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.12.0.140 DB (Date:- 29-April-2011)

  1. MWAV will create a shortcut on desktop, so that MWAV can be run via that shortcut.
  2. MWAV scanning will not be paused in full screen mode such as Remote Desktop connection, Virtual Box and VMWare.
  3. Latest scan engine updated.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.12.0.118 DB (Date:- 15-March-2011)

  1. If user is running mwav in non-admin mode, it will work with SCANONLY option. Spyware entries in HKEY_CURRENT_USER will be removed when mwav is run in non-admin mode and /SC option is given.
  2. MWAV scanning used to stop when windows screen-saver got activated.This has been corrected
  3. MWAV will restore back safeboot (minimal and network) entries if absent.
  4. MWAV used to take lots of time at time of starting and at time of clearing logs.This has been corrected.
  5. MWAVSCAN will now exclude files, folders and drives which are set in eScan File Antivirus settings.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.12.0.73 DB (Date:- 21-Oct-2010)

  1. 0-byte EXE corruptions & autoit corruptions will NOT be checked, by default.
  2. Problem with eScan ToolKit not going to low priority resolved.
  3. HTML, HTM and ASPX will be searched for script & iframe tags, and cleaned, if necessary
  4. When an entry is found in spyware database, sometimes they were NOT logged. This has been corrected now.
  5. Spyware database will be checked for corrupt entries & corrupted entries will be ignored.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.12.0.49 DB (Date:- 28-July-2010)

  1. In ‘Please Wait’ dialog box, MWAV title has been changed to eScan Toolkit.
  2. When MWAV starts, it will ALWAYS start with "All Files" option ticked.
  3. Safe boot (minimal and network) entries if absent will be restored.
  4. All files detected by our engine will be quarantined and not deleted.
  5. MWAV has been modified so that NO ACTION will be taken on file infectors, if disinfection routine is not available.
  6. MWAV will correctly disinfect script/iframe infected HTML, HTM and ASPX files.
  7. If the files related to service names of eScan/MailScan/eConceal are missing, the service will NOT be removed by MWAV.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.12.0.8 DB (Date:- 26-April-2010)

  1. MWAV will run in scan and clean mode without license key.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.11.0.152 DB (Date:- 09-April-2010)

  1. Scan Mode (Scan only or Scan and clean) will be written at end of options in log file.
  2. TMP extension added to list of extensions to be checked for suspicious files.
  3. %temp% , %AppData% , and %UserAppData% folders will be checked for suspicious files.
  4. When mwavscan is run with /KILL, all files (irrespective of their extension) will be checked for suspicious files. Due to this, MWAV loading will be slightly slower
  5. If a wrong folder or file is given to scan in command-line parameters, a line will be logged in MWAV.LOG
  6. Latest Spyware database added.
  7. Latest Virus Signatures are added.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.11.0.141 DB (Date:- 04-March-2010)

  1. MWAV will do fast repeat scans because of the improved caching functionality.
  2. MWAV has been changed so that %syswow64% environment variable will be properly recognized on 64-bit OS.
  3. MWAV GUI is modified. Product bmp has been removed, also the timer is shifted to right side.
  4. MWAV Scan by Default will log only Infections found. If you want full log, you can set the value WriteFullLog = 1 (in EUT key) or start mwav with /WriteFullLog
  5. Latest Spyware database added.
  6. Latest Virus Signatures are added.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.11.0.86DB (Date:- 06-November-2009)

  1. Minor Change in Engine for Kido infection.
  2. MWAV when used will /kill option will start scanning automatically.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.11.0.60DB (Date:-31-July-2009)

  1. Minor changes in Engine.
  2. Additional Registry defaults added to mwavscan.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.11.0.55DB (Date:-06-July-2009)

  1. MWAV when used with /kill as a parameter will only kill and zip suspicious files to No renaming will be done.
  2. MWAV and MWAVLK when executed with /self as a parameter will enable update button in MWAV irrespective of the build installed.
  3. MWAV schedule does not used to scan root folder even if scheduled to do so - Corrected.
  4. Changes made in MWAV to restore more Windows defaults.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.11.0.45DB (Date:-15-April-2009)

  1. MWAV will now rename all of the files which get detected by its heuristics scanner (files which cannot be disinfected).
  2. .swf & .png extension added to scan list of MWAV
  3. MWAV did not update pub\avx folder - Corrected.

Release Notes for MWAV ver.11.0.37DB (Date:-18-March-2009)

  1. Service Rights Problem in registry while removing certain variants of kido Worm has been corrected.
  2. "File to be deleted on reboot" Scan action was wrongly thrown on certain files on scanning with mwav/ODS. This has been corrected.

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