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Install \ Uninstall eScan Endpoint
System Administrators often have to perform deployment tasks within their networks. At times, they may need to deploy applications on remote computers. The eScan Management Console allows you to install eScan and other applications on end points remotely by clicking Install Applications on the Action List menu. Also upgrade EPS clients can be done by deployment. Client EPS on end point can be upgraded to latest version through network.

System Administrators can also uninstall Endpoint EPS though network. You can also uninstall EPS client from another computer by using the Uninstall Applications menu option thorugh console. This will uninstall the EPS client on the end points remotely.

Select Application for Installation The steps to install eScan are as follows:

  • In the eScan Management Console, in the left pane, under Dashboard, click Managed Computers.
  • To install eScan on a computer group, on the Managed Computers page, on the right pane, on the Action List menu, click Install Applications.
  • On the Client Installation window, under Select application for installation, ensure that Install eScan is selected.
  • To install eScan as a client, under Select eScan installation options, ensure that Client is selected.
  • To reboot the computer after installing eScan, select the Auto Reboot after install check box.
  • To show the process bar on client, select Show Progress on Client (Only for XP/2000).
  • To install eScan Client without filewall, select Install Without Firewall.
  • To Disable autoinstallation of windows critical patches, select Disable auto downloading of Windows patches by eScan
  • To select the setup folder,Click Add and specify the setup patch.

Note: The default value is <Default>.

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