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17th April 2014

A Hotfix has been released to resolve the eScan Web Management Console Command Injection reported in version 5.x of MWADMIN package. For more information click here.

3rd May 2010

Clam AV service in eScan / MailScan / WebScan for Linux distributions stops or does not start with below error messages in the logs:

ERROR: Malformed database in /var/MicroWorld/var/log/mwcavd.log 
and status of mwcav shows as mwcavd dead but subsys locked. 
To check the status of mwcav, run the below command from the terminal
# /etc/init.d/mwcav status

This error is observed after downloading the latest Clam AV updates. Though, even when Clam AV stops, it does not affect in the overall functioning of the MicroWorld's product for Linux distribution, as MicroWorld's own AV engine will be performing the task.

Users can resolve this issue by applying the hotfix. Click here to download the hotfix or write to us at or with the below details:

  • Product Name [eScan (Desktop or File Servers) / MailScan / WebScan] and product version,
  • Linux Distribution name and release version (32 bit or 64 bit),
  • Linux kernel version.

About Clam AV:
Clam AV is an open source (GPL) Anti Virus toolkit which has been integrated in Microworld's products for Linux distribution. This acts as a secondary AV engine running concurrently with MicroWorld's AV engine, having its own AV database.

1st April 2010

A Hotfix has been released to resolve the Remote Command Execution Vulnerability reported in prior version 4.1.x of MWADMIN package. For more information click here.

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