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Command Line Parameters for MicroWorld Auto-Spam Whitelist Tool (VEREML.EXE)

The MicroWorld Auto-Spam Whitelist tool (VEREML.EXE) is an utility to import from Comma Separated files into AutoSpamWhiteList of eScan or MailScan.

NOTES: You require eScan, MailScan or XSpam products to be present before using this utility. Copy this file and DNSLIB.DLL to eScan, MailScan or XSpam folder and then run it. One line should have one email ID (it can also be comma-seperated file).

VEREML /ImportIntoWhiteList=FILE - Import IDs from FILE into AutoSpamWhiteList

VEREML /VerifyEmailID=EMAIL-ID - Verify if EMAIL-ID is valid

VEREML /VerifyHost=HOSTNAME - Verify if HOSTNAME is valid

VEREML /VerifyIDsInFile=FILENAME - Verify if email-ids in FILENAME is valid

VEREML /NoVerbose - Do Not Print Detailed Output

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