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MailScan for Linux

Q. How to apply the hotfix for MailScan for Suse Linux with Postfix installed?

A. The hotfix MailScan for Suse linux is required in case if Postfix is present. This hotfix shall resolve the issue of Mailscan log *(mwmaillog) not being created in the /var/MicroWorld/var/log directory (the default location). After applying the hotfix, the Mailscan log *(mwmaillog) will be located in /var/log directory.

Procedure to apply the Hotfix:

1. Download the hotfix to a temp folder or any other folder from the below link:


2. Extract the zipped file. Open a termninal and go to the location of the folder where the hotfix has been saved.


The files will be extract to a folder maillog_patch folder in the current location.

3. After extracting the hotfix, go to the directory maillog_patch

  # cd maillog_patch

4.Then apply the hotfix with the below command

  # ./

5. The below message will be displayed:

Shutting down syslog services    done
Starting syslog services         done
Patch Installed Successfully

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