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Asset Management

This module provides you the entire Hardware configuration and list of softwares installed on Managed Computers in a tabular format. Using this Module, you can easily keep a track of all the Hardware as well as Software resources installed on all the Managed Computers connected to the Network. Based on different Search criteria you can easily filter the information as per your requirement. It also allows you to Export the entire system information available through this module in PDF, Ms Excel or HTML formats.

Viewing Hardware Reports

For Viewing the Hardware Configuration of all the Managed Computers connected to the Network, Click on the Asset Management section present in the Navigation Panel on the Left in the eScan eScan Management Console. Following Information will populate in the table on the right.

Sr.No.Column NameDescription
1.Computer NameIt displays the Host Name of the Computers as defined by the Administrator.
2.GroupIt displays the Name of the Group to which that Computer belongs to, as defined in Managed Computer section of eScan Management Console.
3.IP Address It displays the IP address of the Endpoints.
4.User Name It displays the current Username of the Endpoints (who is logged on the system).
5.Operating SystemIt displays the Operating system installed on the Endpoints.
6.Service PackIt displays the Service Pack version and build installed on the Endpoints.
7.OS VersionIt displays the version of the Operating system installed in the Endpoints.
8.OS Installed DateIt displays the Date and Time of Installation of the Operating system on the Endpoints.
9.Internet ExplorerIt displays the version of internet explorer installed on the Endpoints..
10.ProcessorIt displays the Processor details like Processor Name, Type and Processing Speed of the Endpoints.
11.MotherboardIt displays the details of the motherboard of the Endpoints.
12. RAMIt displays the details of the RAM installed on the Endpoints.
13. HDDIt displays the details of the Hard Disk like number of Partitions and their respective sizes.
14.MAC AddressIt displays the MAC Address of the Endpoints.
15.SoftwareBy clicking on the view link present in this Column, you can view the list of softwares along with the installation dates on the Managed Computer.
Note: The status is displayed for the computers having operating system as Windows, Macintosh or Linux.
By clicking on the View link present in Software Column, you can view the list of Software along with the installation dates on the Endpoints.
For Filtering the Hardware Report as per your requirements, click on the drop Menu Link of Filter Criteria in Asset Management section. The Hardware report can be filtered on the basis of following Criteria.
Note:You can define criteria for the text / Column Content to be included or excluded in your Search result using the drop downs present on the interface.

Viewing Software Report

This section displays list of Software along with the number of Endpoints on which they are installed. To view the Software Report, click Asset Management and then Click Software Report Tab present on the right. This will populate the Software Name with Computer Count in a tabular format.

For knowing the Computer Details where specific Software is installed, click on the Computer Count present in the Computer Count Column. A window with the respective Computer Details will pop up. For Filtering the Software Report as per your desire, click on the Drop Menu Link of Filter Criteria in Asset Management Section. The Software report can be filtered on the basis of following Criteria. You can filter your search on the basis of Software Name or the Computer Name, using the drop down present on the interface; you can either include the search string entered by you in your search or exclude it if desired. System will populate the results accordingly.

Export Options: Exporting the Hardware / Software Report

eScan Management Consoles offers Exporting of Hardware Report in PDF, Excel or HTML formats. It can easily be done by Clicking on Drop Menu Link of Export Option in Asset Management Section. It will display the following options. Click on the desired Radio button for exporting the report in available formats. When the Export is over, you will be informed with the message – Exported successfully Click here to Open/Download

Software Licensing

The Software License option will display the License details of the Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office installed on the Client systems along with the computer count and the details of the system where it is installed.

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