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eScan Version 11 (and above) Online Help



Tasks For Specific Computers

Using this section create and run tasks on specific computers, it also allows you to schedule or modify created tasks for selected computers or groups. You can easily re-define settings of already created tasks for desired machines. It also allows you to view results of the completed tasks.

Managing Tasks for Specific Computers

1.Click Tasks for Specific Computers in Navigation Panel of eScan Management Console.
2.Now Click New Task.
3.You will be forwarded to New Task Template Window.
1.Define the Task Name in the text field.
2.Select the desired options for assigning tasks.
Note: Windows, Linux , Mac Icon denotes that you can configure task settings for the selected module in the respective operating system.
3.Use the explorer tree to select the Computers on which you wish to initiate this task. Mark the Computers and click Add.
4.Schedule the Task as desired.
5.Click Save. The Task will be created and scheduled for selected computers instantly.

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