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Managing the License Key

This section provides you information on how to add and activate the license key for eScan. It comes for a 30 day trial period. You should purchase the product license key before the trial period expires, wherein you receive a license key for registration. Apart from activation, you can also renew the product for the next period, as per your requirement. To know information on registration and renewing your eScan product, refer his link -

Adding the License Key

It enables you to add licenses for eScan. You can add only two licenses at a time, it is mandatory that you at least activate one license, because unless and until you activate a license you cannot add more licenses. To add license

  1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to eScan for Windows, and then click eScan Registration. The License information of eScan window appears.



2. Type the 30 character valid license key in the Enter License Key field.


  • While entering license key please ensure that there are no spaces in between the character. ABCD-EFGH-ABCD-EFGH-ABCD-EFGH-ABCD-EF
  • If you type an invalid license key, a warning message appears
  • In some cases, if any of the character is missing or typed incorrectly it accepts at first instance, but gives an error message that “Key not present in our database“, while activation.

3. Click the Apply button, and then click the OK button. The Information dialog box appears.  


4. Click the OK button. The license information gets updated.

Activating the License Key After entering a valid license key, you get an information message with an option to register now or later, for which you need to activate the license key.

To activate the license key

1. Perform the steps from 1 to 4 from the Adding the License Key section.

2. On the Confirmation dialog box, do any one of the following: a. Register Now: Click this button, if you want to activate the license key immediately. b. OK: Click this button, if you have the activation code or want to activate the product later.

3. When you click the Register Now button. The License Information window appears.  


4. Click the license key from the list and then click the Activate Now button. To add new license key, click the Add License Key button and to activate click the Activate Now button   "Note:" Alternatively right-click the license key from the list and then click the Add License Key button or Activate Now button.

  5. When you click the Activate Now button. The following window appears.  

  6. Specify the following field details.

  • I want to activate online

By default, this option is selected. When you click this option Name, Email Id *, Country, State, and Reseller/Dealer * fields are available. Click this button to activate the eScan product online. You need to have active internet connection to activate online. In case, if you do not have internet connection the online activation fails and displays the following dialog box.  

  Click the No button, an OnlineRegister.TXT file gets generated with registration details. You have to send the OnlineRegister.TXT file to, wherein you receive an activation code to the specified e-mail ID.

  • I have Activation Code

When you click this option only Enter Activation Code field is available. Click this option, if you already have activation code received through an e-mail from In the Enter Activation Code field, type or copy and paste the activation code. This enables you to activate the eScan product immediately.

  • Enter Activation Code

Type the activation code.

  • Name

Type the name.

  • Email Id *

Type the valid e-mail ID, as you receive the backup copy of license details on the specified e-mail ID. This is a mandatory field.

  • Confirm Email Id *

This field is available only when you type e-mail ID in the Email Id * field. Re-type the e-mail ID for confirmation. This is a mandatory field.

  • Email Subscription

This field is available only when you type e-mail ID in the Email Id * field. Click an appropriate option.

Yes: Click this option if you want to subscribe for e-mails.

No: Click this option if you do not want to subscribe for e-mails.

  • Country

Type the country name or select it from the drop-down list.

  • State

Type the state.

  • Reseller/Dealer *

Type the reseller/dealer name.

  7. Click the Activate button. The license key gets activated.

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