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  • eScan Workstation Server Suite (eScan WSS) is a powerful AntiVirus, AntiSpam and Content Security solution specifically designed for Small and Medium businesses. It gives your organization futuristic protection against Virus, Worm, Trojan, Backdoor, Adware, Spyware, Spam, Phishing and many other online threats, powered by revolutionary technologies like MWL and NILP. While eScan WSS incorporates Enterprise class security features in it, the application is also user-friendly and easy to learn, to suite the SMB segment.
  • Centralized Security Management:-eScan Management Console empowers you to manage the security of the entire organization's network. Options are available for deploying software licenses, remote installation, uninstalling other AntiVirus products, upgrading the product and enabling or disabling eScan monitor status.
  • Real-Time Virus and malware Scanning:-It scans e-mails and websites in real-time, including SMTP, POP3 and HTTP traffic. The proactive Anti-Virus protects your computer from Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Bots, Ransomware, Trojan Clickers, Trojan Downloaders, Keyloggers, Backdoors, Rootkits and more.
  • Spyware and Adware removal:-The software has a continuously updating database of Spyware and Adware, and it checks and removes all such harmful applications regularly from the network.
  • Multilayered Spam Control:-The advanced Spam and Phishing control system works on multiple technologies like Real-time Black List, SURBL Checking, SPF checks, Reverse DNS, X-Spam Rules Check and Non Intrusive Learning Patterns.
  • Powerful Web Filter:-Using this feature, you can ensure that employees are accessing only business related websites. The filtering process incorporates Website Ratings from various bodies like RSACI, ICRA and SafeSurf. You can also impose time restrictions on Internet Access by individual users, groups or the entire organization.
  • Pop-up Blocking:-This option blocks annoying Pop-ups and saves bandwidth. The feature allows the user to set website-specific Pop-up Blocking inclusion and exclusion lists.
  • Self Diagnosis and Troubleshooting:-When the software encounters any problem in functioning, Send Debug Information feature of eScan generates a debug information file. Users can send this to MicroWorld support for resolving the issue.
  • Network Monitoring:-TCP Connections feature helps monitor all traffic going in and out of your computer. It shows all TCP/UDP connections in the system like Processes, Protocol, Local Address, Remote Address, Data Sent, Data Received and more.
  • Automatic Updates of Antidotes:-eScan provides continuous, automatic updates against new and emerging viruses and other malware, which is easily distributed in the entire network.

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