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eScan version 10


Release Notes for  Image:escan-g.jpg Version 10.0.1009.568 (Date:-05-November-2009)

  1. eScan Management Console policies can be editable now onwards.
  2. Default deployment policy integrated in the build, which can be redeploy to client so that default installation mode are set on client.
  3. eScan File Anti-Virus and Firewall (Limited mode) will be active in the default installation of normal ISS and AV version.
  4. eScan client will not listen to UDP announcement if current version is deployed.
  5. Real time monitoring system with Auto-backup feature added in default. ( Configuration option is not available in GUI ).
  6. New icons on right click on eScan protection center icon from taskbar are added.
  7. eScan Remote Support ( ERS ) is added in Tools under eScan Protection Center.
  8. While installing eScan on Server Operating System, it will add Oplocks entry.
  9. Latest installation log of eScan will be written in %sysdir%\escanx.log file. and the previous installation log will be in escan.log file.
  10. Only eScan File Anti-virus will be ON in default installation of Corporate/SMB/Enterprise build.
  11. While installing eScan on ISA server, eScan will not install firewall.
  12. Download.exe will first check default settings to download the latest virus signatures, if default settings are not available, it will take Internet Explorer settings, if that also doesn't work then it will try for direct connection.
  13. If eScan management console ( EMC ) gets terminated unexpectedly, it will auto restart after 3 minutes.
  14. If Mail Anti-virus, Anti-spam and Web Protection is turned off, then mwtsp and mwnsp layer will be unloaded.
  15. "Add Update Server IP" option is now accessible on eScan Client, under eScan Protection Center, in limited user login.
  16. "Last computer scan" date option was not getting updated - corrected.
  17. If network drive is mapped in Windows 7 OS, eScan ODS scanner was not able to scan it. - corrected.
  18. eScan Firewall statistics was not getting updated in GUI on Windows 7 OS - corrected.
  19. Read only option under USB Control will be GRAYED OUT on server operating systems.
  20. New Kernel level driver has been added.
  21. New Installation status GUI added.
  22. Latest Virus Signatures added.
  23. Minor bug corrected in mailscan.exe.
  24. Minor changes in Mwtsp.dll and Mwnsp.dll
  25. Minor bug in download.exe corrected.
  26. Minor issue with windows security center corrected.
  27. New Spyware database added.


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