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eScan version 10


Release Notes for  Image:escan-g.jpg Version 10.0.1058.657 (Date:-04-March-2010)

Click here to download the Release Notes (.pdf)

  1. In new Monitor hashing techniques have been more improvised.
  2. New feature for creating Windows based rescue disk has been introduced.
  3. Monitor use to skip *.DAT files. Corrected.
  4. In ISS edition, EndPointSecurity will be by default ENABLED.Under endpoint security only “Disable AutoPlay” and “Scan USB Drive” will be enabled by default. Where as in SMB/Corp, Endpoint security will be disabled.
  5. Monitor will NOT check .MWT files for infection (so if mwav renames a file to .mwt, monitor will no longer quarantine the same).
  6. Monitor will not allow monvir.log to exceed 100MB. If monvir.log crosses 100MB, it will delete the file, and recreate a fresh one.
  7. FBackup will henceforth be created in the Root of the Partition which has maximum diskspace.
  8. Only backup of following files: *.exe,*.dll,*.sys,*.ocx,*.scr,*.cpl,*.drv, will be taken. Other files won’t be backed up.
  9. Debug value of Monitor can be changed in real time (no need to unload/reload monitor for Debug to take effect).
  10. Virus alert will show the PID of the process which accesses/executes the infected file.
  11. MWAV will do fast repeat scans because of the improved caching functionality.
  12. When eScan is present, MWAV will Quarantine the files and not rename them to .MWT. Earlier renamed .MWT files will also be quarantined.
  13. If action to be taken on infected files is set to (a) Report only or (b) Delete File or (c) Quarantine file, backup of files WILL NOT be created.
  14. MWAV has been changed so that %syswow64% environment variable will be properly recognized on 64-bit OS
  15. MWAV GUI is modified. Product bmp has been removed, also the timer is shifted to right side.
  16. MWAV/ODS Scan by Default will log only Infections found. If you want full log, you can set the value WriteFullLog = 1 (in EUT key) or start mwav with /WriteFullLog.
  17. eConser has been modified so that eConceal service cannot be stopped using services manager(Services.msc)
  18. Shortcut (link) to eScan Remote Support, when eScan is installed as eScan client will not appear. So, hence forth, when eScan is installed as client, there wont be shortcut to eScan Remote Support at start - programs - eScan for Windows.
  19. When eScan is installed as Client, ERS will henceforth be grayed out in Read-only mode.
  20. New option added in eScan management Console.“ Show progress on client(only for XP/2000)”.
  21. Patent number for firewall added in about box.
  22. "Gaming Mode detection" has been improvised, so that user are not disturbed with eScan related pop up.
  23. On secondary server the program scheduled after the download completion was not getting executed. Corrected.
  24. Hidden files or folders on a USB drive, can be changed to Normal attribute, by editing the default value “0” under HKCR\ EUT\UnhideUSBFiles to “1”.
  25. USB control will handle those devices also, for which we don't get the friendly name and which have similar serial number.
  26. Download Notification will also contain computer name in mail subject.
  27. Renaming of original browser names to anything else (e.g. Iexplore.exe to anything else) will still be protected by our Web Protection.
  28. If English build of eScan is installed, dates will be shown in English (and not the language of the base operating system). This applies ONLY to English... means if you install eScan Italian version on German OS, date will be shown in German
  29. econceal.exe has been modified for novell network.
  30. eScan will not install firewall when ISA or Exchange 2007 installation is detected.
  31. Henceforth eConceal will log info ONLY about blocked packets. It will NOT LOG anything about packets which are allowed.We can modify the settings from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MicroWorld\eConceal\eConceal Firewall\Settings/LogNoRule to 2. Value of 1 means - log everything & Value of 0 means - log nothing. With this value to 2, eScanPRO will show ONLY count of blocked packets. Allowed packets will be SHOWN ONLY if the above value is set to 1. With the above value to 0, both Allowed and Blocked packets WILL NOT BE shown.
  32. Changes are made to make eserv faster, while retrieving and adding all folder names from log folder in eserv tree view. It will also affect set host configuration, update all clients, refresh users etc.
  33. OnlineRegister.txt will be created in case of online activation.
  34. If a person has evaluated one of the earlier versions of eScan, he will be able to re-install the current builds and re-evaluate the product.
  35. eScan Protection Center has been modified for better view of Protection and Scan tab.
  36. Pause protection will have duration option for user--15 mins,60 mins, 5 hours, System restart.
  37. A single-click on monitor icon will open eScanpro now (double-click is NOT needed).
  38. Latest Spyware database added.
  39. Latest Virus Signatures are added.

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