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eScan version 10


Release Notes for  Image:escan-g.jpg Version 10.0.968.374 (Date:-18-March-2009)

  1. eScan V.10 will now support W2K OS. (Needs W2K SP4 with Rollup KB891861)
  2. Local IP list in firewall updated for machines have multiple network adapters.
  3. ODS hanging while scanning long paths in filenames/folders. solved.
  4. Service Rights Problem in registry while removing certain variants of Kido/Downadup Worm has been solved.
  5. "File to be deleted on reboot" Scan action was wrongly thrown on certain files on scanning with mwav/ODS. This has been solved.
  6. Latest filter driver files added.
  7. Provision to download critical Microsoft patches added to eScan Protection Center under Tools Section.
  8. Viewing of Web Page Scanning Reports will be disabled in clients if accessed in Read Only Mode.
  9. Management console showing client status inactive if client have DHCP configured. Solved
  10. SMB products when installed in client mode do not communicate with the console for keys & policy. Solved
  11. Key for V. 9 (keys issued before 1st june 2008) will not get activate in V.10, it will pop the message for correct version when try to activate.
  12. Endpoint security/Webprotection in AV for SMB/windows has been disabled
  13. Shared drive & printer problem with V.10. Solved
  14. ADS client not able to connect ADS server. Solved.
  15. Access to local shared folders, via network drive mapping, used to freeze machine. Solved.


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