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eScan version 11


Release Notes for  Image:escan-g.jpg Version 11.0.1139.1083 (Date:-12-October-2011)

  1. New Group named “Roaming User” added to EMC, which will work on IP based connectivity instead of Hostname, this group will be useful for remote client requesting server for updates and policy
  2. Export and Import for EMC with database added.
  3. Role based Administration added in EMC.
  4. SD Card and Webcam protection added under Endpoint security and deployment.
  5. Bluetooth protection added under Endpoint security and deployment. (Not available in eScan Protection Center).
  6. CD / DVD protection added under Endpoint security and deployment.
  7. Session log added for user logging into EMC.
  8. DNS Domain base grouping of client added under EMC setting.
  9. Export To Excel added for Client computer present in Groups.
  10. License information can be added now using EMC , Only online activation is possible using EMC.
  11. USB White listing policy will retrieve all USB from database, those connected in network.
  12. Policy deployment status added under client information status
  13. PDF reporting added for different languages.
  14. eScan Rescue disk once downloaded can be updated now using Rescue creation Wizard.
  15. User Name added under Dashboard information.
  16. Information window will display product name.
  17. New firewall driver added.
  18. Reset Counter added in Dashboard.
  19. Application Rule added under Firewall for deployment (Full path need to be specified).
  20. IF SQL installation failed EMC setup will not proceed.
  21. While deploying or upgrading client a new option is added with parameters "/nowinpatch" and "/winpatch" which will stop and start critical patches downloaded by eScan.
  22. Fax option from Registration (Activation) is removed.
  23. New event option added for deployment under “Notification and Events” in EMC
  24. New Report template "Group Summary Report added" in EMC
  25. Master Boot Record (MBR) will be scanned & cleaned, if infected.
  26. Compatibility added for Windows multipoint server.

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