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eScan version 11


Release Notes for  Image:escan-g.jpg Version 11.0.1139.969 (Date:-29-April-2011)

  1. Latest Driver added.
  2. Advanced Self protection feature added.
  3. Web-based Secured Management Console
  4. Real-time Virus, E-mail & Content Scanning
  5. Malware Scanning for Web/FTP/CHAT/P2P Downloads
  6. Heuristic Scanning for Proactive Protection
  7. Malware URL Filter
  8. Faster On-Demand Scanning (Whitelisting Technology)
  9. Gaming Mode & Battery Mode
  10. User-defined File Blocking & Folder Protection
  11. Spyware, Adware, Keylogger & Rootkit Blocking
  12. Anti-Spam and E-mail Anti-Phishing Filter
  13. Web Protection / Virtual Keyboard
  14. Block Web Content, Web Applets, Cookies & Scripts
  15. ADS Integration
  16. Web Anti-Phishing Filter
  17. Firewall (Inbound-Outbound Traffic Monitor & Control)
  18. Privacy Protection/Browser Security
  19. Endpoint Security with Application Control
  20. Data Theft Prevention with USB / Firewire Control
  21. File Reputation Services
  22. Asset Management Tool & Network Activity Monitor
  23. Support for SYSLOG, SNMP, NAC/NAP and VMware
  24. Windows®-based Rescue Disk
  25. eScan Remote Support (ERS) / RDP
  26. eScan Auto Back Up and Restore
  27. Automatic Download of Critical Windows® Hotfix
  28. Self Protection Services
  29. Automatic Compressed Updates
  30. Web Registration & Activation

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