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eScan version 11


Release Notes for  Image:escan-g.jpg Version 11.0.1139.998 (Date:-18-June-2011)

  1. Application whitelisting added under Endpoint Security.
  2. Policy deployment from Managed computer will show excluded client(s), Only If the client are present in "Policies for Specific computers".
  3. Policies for Specific computer under EMC can be edited and deleted.
  4. USB “Whitelist permanently" option will not be available on eScan client, Whitelisting of USB drive can be done from Management Console.
  5. HTTPS site filtering (Blocking of HTTPS) is possible with new web protection module.
  6. USB protection will now accept ADS password (Not available in GUI). For this, change the value of "AllowDomainLogonPassword" under HKLM\Software\MicroWorld\DeviceControl from 0 to 1. (Default value is 0)
  7. Client will send information event to server for any new policy applied.
  8. Earlier installation used to check if any other AV product is present & then used to give warning, now it will ALWAYS Warn if run manually, even if no other AV is installed (Not applicable for silent mode installation).
  9. Improved technology added for ADS user searching through EMC.
  10. Malware URL filtering option available in GUI, under File Anti-Virus setting. ( Not available for deployment)
  11. New upgrade Builds for eScan Management Console introduced ( It will only update V11 Server, it will not update client). Regular downloads are 500MB size – while upgrade builds will be 40MB.
  12. Compatiblity added for AuthenTec , Inc. Fingerprint software (Available with Lenovo laptops).
  13. One page has been reduced in the License activation wizard.
  14. Option added to enable eScan Remote Support on eScan clients.
  15. Auto Uninstallation of many newer versions of completing AV products added.

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