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eScan version 14


Release Notes for  Image:escan-g.jpg Version 14.0.1400.1381 (Date:-06-April-2013)

  1. New! trendy GUI added.
  2. SOHO editions will be compatible with Windows 8 Operating system.
  3. New! eScan Security Network ( Cloud computing ) protection added.
  4. Improved Proactive Behaviour monitoring protection.
  5. New! Secure Delete option added.
  6. Latest virus signatures added.
  7. New! Dynamic Phishing Filter is added under Web Protection module.
  8. New! On the fly language change option added. ( Shift + F5 - English to Original & Shift + F12 Original to English ).
  9. New! Rescue mode option added to remove Rootkits and other Malware threats.
  10. New! USB Vaccination feature added.
  11. Henceforth SOHO editions will not be supported on Server operating systems.
  12. New! Advanced Rootkit detection and removal added.
  13. Optimized online License activation process.
  14. Compression/Decompression, Vul-1, Vul-2 settings has been removed from Mail Anti-virus GUI, will be available in back end.
  15. New! Block portscan option added under Firewall.
  16. Upload samples feature added.
  17. New! Advanced reporting feature added under eScan Protection Center.
  18. Minor issue with RDP Application Rule corrected.
  19. UNC path option has been removed from Download module.
  20. ODS will properly scan double-byte character files (using short names).
  21. We have removed the smiley in "welcome to eScan family" message.
  22. By default ODS scanner will run with cloud parameters on.
  23. eScan Folder protection option added.
  24. Auto-detection of unknown browsers functionality added. Previously we used to add it manually in include.dat.
  25. Anonymizers category will be blocked (by default) in adult category.
  26. The warning page displayed on the browser has now been modified for eScan 14. Upgraded versions will show old warnings.
  27. ers.bat file added to windows folder, in order to quickly open eScan Remote Support.
  28. Improved virtual keyboard functionality.

Additional Information

  1. If Safe mode protection is enabled, Rescue mode option will be greyed out and vice-versa.
  2. If system physical memory is less than 1024 MB, eScan Rescue mode option will not be shown.
  3. If active internet connection is not present while installing eScan, Cloud protection ( eScan Security Network ) feature option will not be shown under GUI. Once internet connection is restored ESN feature will be shown after reboot automatically.

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