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eScan version 14


Release Notes for  Image:escan-g.jpg Version 14.0.1400.1602 (Date:-18-April-2014)

  1. Unicode mode scanning for Russian language OS, previously it used to show junk characters while scanning.
  2. Advanced Proactive Feature will now blocked the suspicious process in SOHO versions, previously it was user dependent.
  3. Due to Windows 8.1 bug ( SLDTC.exe ) system use to get slow - corrected
  4. Chrome and explorer.exe use to crash due to minor bug - corrected
  5. Changes done to improve system performance.
  6. ODS scanning speed improved.
  7. Secured by eScan logo at logon time was shown only for one sec on Win 8.1. Now it will be shown *till* the time of logon.
  8. New Advanced Proactive binaries added.
  9. Backup jobs at startup was not getting executed in some conditions - corrected
  10. On vista and above OS, certain default explorer values were not being reflected when run with /explorer or /ERT command.
  11. We used to re-install FW drivers when OS upgrade happens from Win 8 to Win 8.1 NOW, the same will be done in case of upgrade from Win 7 to Win 8 also.
  12. Exploit detection's will be quarantined, instead of getting deleted.
  13. Performance Improvement.
  14. Latest virus signatures, anti-phish and malware-URL signatures and other few bug fixes added.

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