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eScan version 14


Release Notes for  Image:escan-g.jpg Version 14.0.1400.2091 (Date:23-April-2018)

  1. Enhanced Attachment Control with Whitelist/Blacklist features (Contact Sales for enabling this feature).
  2. New Feature added: - Terminal Service Protection Module (TSPM), available with deployment under File AV Module.
  3. Schedule ODS will be executed if Skipped on Schedule Time.
  4. PARENT POLICY added under Policy Template with which any module setting can be assigned to multiple Child policy Template.
  5. Added : Top 10 Summary Report available now under Report Scheduler.
  6. Added : OTP Creation option available now with searched client list.
  7. Improved: USB device can be whitelisted if USB Ports are blocked.
  8. Added: Group wise searching under Filter option of Asset Management
  9. Added: Virus Report now can be set to show Real Time or On Demand scanning result.
  10. For eScan Server published on PUBLIC IP Address, all Roaming client will by default take Signature updates from Internet and Policies from eScan Published Server.
  11. Windows critical patching on eScan Client will be pulled from Local eScan Server.
  12. Support added for HostName with more than 15 Character.


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