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eScan version 14


Release Notes for  Image:escan-g.jpg Version 14.0.1400.2281 (Date:4-May-2020)

  1. Two Factor Authentication added for Client and eScan server login page.
  2. New password algorithm added for client protection.
  3. License module added for eScan RMM, eBackup,DLP and Two Factor Authentication.
  4. eScan RMM Resoultion can be set for bandwidth control.
  5. Integration of critical malware event with AWS (Amazon Web Service).Not in GUI, for configuration contact
  6. Mobile scanning added.
  7. Files and Folder Encryption (eScan Vault) added under client protection center GUI.
  8. Low HDD Disk space alert added. Alert can be configure using Event Notication.
  9. New filter criteria option 'User Name' & 'Group By' section added in User Activity - Print Activity.
  10. Blocking support for Windows MMC and GPEdit added in File Antivirus Advanced setting.
  11. Safe Mode protection added with password support. Configuration can be done from Two-Factor Authentication policy windows.
  12. Whitelisting of domain added for Attachment blocking feature.( Available with DLP Addon License)
  13. Auto Discovery support added for multiple VLan. Not in GUI, for configuration contact
  14. DLP feature Copy & paste updated with more whitelisting and controls.
  15. Whitelisting support added for BitlockerEncrypted USB drive. Available in FileAntiviru-Advanced Setting
  16. Top Exploit blocking added in Dashboard Summary.
  17. Pause/Resume protection can be done centrally using Client Action List.
  18. Windows Critical Patch Report added with export and filter option.
  19. Live Status added in Dashboard. (Port 8098 needs to be open from Server-Client-Server)
  20. Ransomware blocked information added in dashboard.
  21. Ransomware protection status added in Dashboard.
  22. System Actions added in Events & Computers. (Lock/Logoff/Shutdown etc)
  23. On Demand Scanning option added in Client Action List.
  24. Create OTP option added in Client Action List.

eScan Corporate 360 - Release Notes 14.0.1400.2281

  1. Policy Templates added.
  2. Kiosk Mode added.
  3. User account creation for console users added.
  4. Role based administration added.
  5. Client Action list and Anti-theft options added to Search devices window.
  6. Adding devices to console. (Improved)
  7. App store functionality. (Improved)
  8. Custom columns added to Managed devices.
  9. Battery status/Signal strength history added.
  10. Purge option added for Data,Signal strength, Battery, Location history.
  11. Cloud Scanning added to APK
  12. Minor Bug Fixes

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