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eScan version 22


Release Notes for  Image:escan-g.jpg Version 22.0.1400.2378 (Date:- 15-Aug-2021)

  1. Enterprise EDR Dashboard
  2. EPP Dashboard with 3D effect
  3. Backup on Cloud (Google drive, Dropbox, One Drive)
  4. Manage Add-On License
  5. Assigning of policy from Client Action List
  6. Show critical events information from Client Action List
  7. SIEM Configuration
  8. Update Distribution (DMZ/Air-Gapped Networks)
  9. File Activity optimization
  10. Application Usage Activity
  11. Customized Update Agent
  12. Network Security in Linux/Mac Policy
  13. Firewall module added into Network Security tab (Linux/Mac)
  14. Application Control (Linux/Mac)
  15. FIM Policy (Linux/Mac)
  16. Auto Isolation of windows endpoint with exclusion
  17. Advance Security Policy (Blocking hash, zone block, etc...)
  18. 2FA for Console login
  19. User based 2FA
  20. Advanced option added in TSPM Policy
  21. Audit Trail
  22. Roaming Client
  23. Forensic-port / Communication
  24. Forensic-Scan / Communication
  25. View Forensic data from console
  26. eBackup Report
  27. Endpoint Incident Report
  28. Application usage Report
  29. Session Activity Report

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