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New Features in eScan Corporate


eScan Corporate is a comprehensive anti-virus and information security solution that effectively provides Zero-Day Protection to both servers and endpoints. eScan Management Console (EMC) includes a Secure Web Interface that facilitates dynamic security management of the server and endpoints in the corporate network. It consists of a web based centralized Management Console that helps the administrator to install and manage eScan Corporate 360 Client on Windows, Linux, Mac machines and Android devices connected to the network.

What's new in the application?

• Single Update agent for Multiple Groups

Update Agents will reduce the traffic between the eScan Corporate Server and client. eScan will allow multiple managed groups to take updates from one update agent. It can be any client computer connected to the network. One single Update agent will take updates from the eScan Corporate Server and distribute to the client machines under the assigned managed groups.

• Customized Setup

Customized Setup will allow you to create a customized setup for a particular Windows client machine. You can define the settings for a customized setup; It will allow you to define the customized settings for File antivirus, mail antivirus, antispam, Firewall, endpoint security , Privacy control, Client Installation Settings, Update Intervals, exclude/ remove download files. Administrator can define the customized settings for Linux agents; it will allow you to define the settings for the server from where the updates are to be downloaded.

• Delete all quarantined files

Delete all quarantined files this option will allow the administrator to directly delete all the quarantined files from the client machine.

• Update agent for Linux Clients

Linux clients can now download the signature updates directly from the Update agents. The update agent will download the updates from the eScan Server and share it with the Linux clients.

• Schedule Updates for Linux

You can create a schedule to download the Signature updates on your Linux machines. You can schedule the downloads to happen once/ hourly/ daily/ weekly/monthly basis. You can also schedule for an automatic download of updates.

• Scan Report

Scan Report is a type of report template that will display the scan report conducted over a defined period of time for the managed endpoints.

• Hardware Report

Hardware report is a type of report template that will display the hardware report of the selected managed endpoints over a defined time period. This report will include details such as computer name, group name, IP address & user name, operating system, Service pack installed, OS version, processor details etc.

• Software Report

Software report is a type of software report that will display the software report of the selected managed endpoints over a defined time period. This will display the HOST name/IP address of the system and the list of the softwares installed and the date of installation.

• Uninstall Password

eScan will prompt for a password for uninstallation of eScan. The administrator will set the password for the client machines so that a normal user will not be able to uninstall eScan from the client machine without this password.

• Policy Criteria

Policy Criteria will allow you to deploy policies on an endpoint automatically if it complies with the pre-defined criteria in the management console. Administrator can define two types of policy criteria.

  1. Management Server connection
  2. Computer IP address

A particular policy will be automatically deployed on an endpoint, if it meets any of the conditions under the above two types of the policy criteria.

• Deployment through Update agent

Update agent will allow the administrator to deploy eScan on to the client machines and deploy policy templates on to the managed group.

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