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=='''Contents '''== =='''Contents '''==
 +* [[Escan/english/escanmac5/scangui|Understanding eScan for Mac GUI]]
* [[Escan/english/escanmac5/scan|Scan]] * [[Escan/english/escanmac5/scan|Scan]]
* [[Escan/english/escanmac5/update|Update]] * [[Escan/english/escanmac5/update|Update]]

Revision as of 03:48, 2 July 2012

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eScan Anti-Virus Security for Mac Version 5.x Online Help

The eScan Anti-Virus for Mac is an anti-virus solution provider for Mac systems. It protects your Mac against all types of malwares. The eScan Anti-Virus for Mac delivers an on-demand and scheduled scanning on files, directories, and local hard disk drives with the default real-time monitoring feature. Apart from system scanning, you can scan all the connected USB’s and CD-ROM devices, through auto and manual scan feature.

The eScan virus alert gives you pop-up alerts, whenever viruses are detected in your system, which reminds you of scanning and in turn protects you from any danger. With an automatic virus update feature, you are updated with the virus signatures, hence protects you from latest virus threats from attacking your Mac.



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