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  • eScan Workstation Server Suite (eScan WSS) is a powerful AntiVirus, AntiSpam and Content *Security solution specifically designed for Small and Medium businesses. It gives your *organization futuristic protection against Virus, Worm, Trojan, Backdoor, Adware, Spyware, *Spam, Phishing and many other online threats, powered by revolutionary technologies like MWL *and NILP. While eScan WSS incorporates Enterprise class security features in it, the *application is also user-friendly and easy to learn, to suite the SMB segment.
  • Centralized Security Management:-Management Console Lite feature of eScan empowers you to *manage the security of the entire organization's network. Options are available for deploying *software licenses, remote installation, uninstalling other AntiVirus products, upgrading the product and enabling or disabling eScan monitor status.
  • Real-Time Virus and malware Scanning:-It scans e-mails and websites in real-time, including *SMTP, POP3 and HTTP traffic. The proactive Anti-Virus protects your computer from Viruses, *Worms, Trojans, Bots, Ransomware, Trojan Clickers, Trojan Downloaders, Keyloggers, Backdoors, *Rootkits and more.
  • Spyware and Adware removal:-The software has a continuously updating database of Spyware and *Adware, and it checks and removes all such harmful applications regularly from the network.
  • Multilayered Spam Control:-The advanced Spam and Phishing control system works on multiple *technologies like Real-time Black List, SURBL Checking, SPF checks, Reverse DNS, X-Spam Rules *Check and Non Intrusive Learning Patterns.
  • Powerful Web Filter:-Using this feature, you can ensure that employees are accessing only *business related websites. The filtering process incorporates Website Ratings from various *bodies like RSACI, ICRA and SafeSurf. You can also impose time restrictions on Internet Access *by individual users, groups or the entire organization.
  • Pop-up Blocking:-This option blocks annoying Pop-ups and saves bandwidth. The feature allows *the user to set website-specific Pop-up Blocking inclusion and exclusion lists.
  • Self Diagnosis and Troubleshooting:-When the software encounters any problem in functioning, *Send Debug Information feature of eScan generates a debug information file. Users can send *this to MicroWorld support for resolving the issue.
  • Network Monitoring:-TCP Connections feature helps monitor all traffic going in and out of your *computer. It shows all TCP/UDP connections in the system like Processes, Protocol, Local *Address, Remote Address, Data Sent, Data Received and more.
  • Automatic Updates of Antidotes:-eScan provides continuous, automatic updates against new and *emerging viruses and other malware, which is easily distributed in the entire network.

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