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MailScan - FAQ's


Q. How to exclude users from MailScan Warning list ?

A. To be done only on MailScan machine

  1. Go to the Command prompt. Click on Start >> Run >> cmd
  2. Go to C:\Program files\MailScan folder
  3. Type the command killproc Mailscan.exe and press Enter
  4. Rename the file Mailscan.exe to Mailscan.old
  5. Download the file from the link:
  6. Copy the new Mailscan.exe to C:\Program files\MailScan folder
  7. Open the Mailscan.ini file and add a entry under the [general] section
    WarningsIgnoreList=<list of email ids to which no warnings should be sent> (comma seperated)
  8. Save the changes made to the file.
  9. Restart the MailScan service from services.msc.

With these changes the warning messages from Mailscan will not be sent to the users added to the "WarningsIgnoreList".

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