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* [[Marketing/Advertisement|<font color="blue">Advertisement</font>]] * [[Marketing/Advertisement|<font color="blue">Advertisement</font>]]
|width="1000pt" style="width:11%; font-size:95%; white-space:nowrap;" | |width="1000pt" style="width:11%; font-size:95%; white-space:nowrap;" |
&nbsp;<B><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;Knowledgebase</p></B> &nbsp;<B><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;Knowledgebase</p></B>
* [[Technical Info|<font color="blue">Technical Information</font>]] * [[Technical Info|<font color="blue">Technical Information</font>]]

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MailScan - FAQ's

  1. I receive lots of SPAM emails which is not detected by Mailscan. How can I update the MailScan Anti-Spam database?
  2. How do I get cummulative updates for escan & mailscan.
  3. Possible looping error shown in MailScan for SMTP.
  4. Is there any utility to add multiple email ids in Auto-Spam White list in Mailscan?
  5. How to exclude users from MailScan warning list ?
  6. How can I configure MailScan to avoid deletion of Microsoft Office attachments ?
  7. After Installing MailScan, users/recepients start receiving the notification emails with "Subject: MailScan found an email having Virus or objectionable content!?"

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